Present Simple Questions

verb be + subject + rest of the sentence (with verb “be”)
do/does + subject + base form of verb + rest of sentence (other verbs)

The Form (with the verb “be”)
  • Am I late?
  • Are you at the office?
  • Is he late?
  • Is she new?
  • Is it here?
  • Are we done?
  • Are you happy
  • Are they Spanish?

Contractions are not possible for the verb and subject in the question form.

In statements like “I am late”, the subject “I” is first, followed by the verb “am”. But in questions, we swap the subject and the verb to form the question. See below:

Here are some examples

  • Am I on time?
  • Are you at the office?
  • Is he Indian?
  • Is she good at her job?
  • Is it cold?
  • Are we all here?
  • Are you finished?
  • Are they British?

Question words like who, what, when, where and how can be used before the verb to form open questions. For example:

  • Where are you from?
  • How is she?
  • Where are we?
The Form (for other verbs) – Add “do” or “does”
  • Do I work late?
  • Do you have the keys to the office?
  • Does he work in HR?
  • Does she have the necessary qualifications?
  • Does it often stop printing?
  • Do we all understand?
  • Do you arrive in the afternoon?
  • Do they want us to revise the report?

The verb never takes the “-s” or “-es” when you ask a question.

  • Does she work late? – this is correct.
  • Does she works late? – this is not correct.

Practice Here

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