Present Simple Negative

You can read here about when we use the present simple.

subject + verb “be” + not + rest of sentence (with verb “be”)
subject + do/does + not + base form of verb + rest of setence (all other verbs)

The Form (with the verb “be”)
  • I am not
  • you are not
  • he is not
  • she is not
  • it is not
  • we are
  • you are not
  • they are not
  • I‘m not
  • you‘re not / you aren‘t
  • he‘s not / he isn’t
  • she‘s not / she isn’t
  • it‘s not / it isn’t
  • we‘re not / we aren’t
  • you‘re not /you aren’t
  • they‘re not / they aren’t

The verb be can be contracted with both the subject or with not, but this is not possible with the I am conjugation. You can not say I amn’t.

Notice above that you and are can be contracted as you’re. In addition, are and not can be contracted to form aren’t. This is true for all conjugations with the verb be and the subject and not, but as we said, it’s not true for I am not.

There is no difference in meaning of the two types of contractions.

Here are some examples

  • I‘m not in the office.
  • You‘re not in charge of HR.
  • He isn’t in the office today.
  • She’s not here today.
  • It‘s not a good day.
  • We‘re not invitied to the seminar.
  • You‘re not all in this meeting.
  • They’re not project managers.
The Form (for other verbs)
  • I do not
  • you do not
  • he does not
  • she does not
  • it does not
  • we do not
  • you do not
  • they do not
  • I don’t
  • you don’t
  • he doesn’t
  • she doesn’t
  • it doesn’t
  • we don’t
  • you don’t
  • they don’t

For verbs other than the verb “be”, do not or does not (depending on the conjugation), goes before the main verb.

Unlike other conjugations, the main verb in the present simple negative is always in the base form (the infinitive). So, you can say he does not work here anymore, but you can not say he does not works here anymore.

Here are some examples:

  • I do not work for an investment bank.
  • You don’t like working late.
  • He does not have a company car.
  • She doesn’t live in Berlin.
  • It does not look good for our monthly target.
  • We don’t agree on this.
  • You do not like this deal.
  • They don’t want more meetings.
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