Present Continuous Negative
(sometimes called the present progressive negative)

subject + verb “be” + not + present participle (verb+ing)
I am not working today

The Form – Verb “be”
  • I am not + verb-ing
  • You are not + verb-ing
  • He/She/It is not + verb-ing
  • We are not + verb-ing
  • You are not + verb-ing
  • They are not + verb-ing
  • I‘m not working in the office
  • you‘re not going to work
  • he‘s not meeting John
  • she‘s not speaking to me
  • it‘s not raining
  • we‘re not eating dinner
  • you‘re not seeing Sara
  • they‘re not loading the van

It is the subject and the verb “be” that are contracted in this tense, however, the verb “be” and “not” can also be contracted. Where it is possible, we have shown both ways of contracting. They both have the same meaning.

Here are some more examples of the present continuous negative:

  • I‘m not travelling to Madrid.
  • You‘re not meeting with HR
  • He‘s not applying for a new job
  • We‘re not reviewing salaries at the moment
  • It’s not raining
  • You’re not looking great
  • They‘re not waiting for you
  • You aren’t meeting with HR
  • He isn’t applying for a new job
  • We aren’t reviewing salaries at the moment.
  • It isn’t raining
  • You aren’t looking great.
  • They aren’t waiting for you.

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